Saturday, May 23, 2009

WE made it

I am alive for 5 years of marriage with The Pook! Our anniversary was great even after a crappy day at work! God makes all things to work together for His purpose kept running through my mind at work, just trying to make it by.

Last night after dinner, The Pook and myself took a little stroll through this very FANCY mall in Dallas. Everyone and I do mean EVERYONE, had an iPhone! Boy was I jealous! Even this little 3-4 year old girl had one with a pink cover on the back of it. What has this world come to when a 4 yr old knows how to manage her own iPhone. Ofcourse, The Pook made the comment which really made me lust after one even more about how everyone in that place had one, except for me! I was trying my best to hide my disappointment, and hopefully I did a fair enough job (did I The Pook?)

Anyways, my anniversary present to her has been little things like a trip to Warrenton (junkers, I know you must be proud of me right?), Six Flags season pass (what a great gift, huh?), and to top it all off, a really nice bouquet of flowers. I am not very creative or anything so I am sure The Pook knew some were coming her way. She did make mention that all the flowers in the arrangement were flowers in her bouquet on our wedding day! Surprised myself even with that one!

Ya'll, she was created just for me and the rest of her family and friends. We are all created for someone and for something. That's partly why God has us here, to fulfill His plan with us and to help fill the lives of those we meet with joy and happiness. The Pook has gone beyond that for me, and I am most grateful to Queen B and Dad for allowing me the great pleasure of marrying their precious gift!

Peace peeps,

Big D